The Art of Cinematography and what it is to me

Cinematography and the art of video photography are one in the same. Its really a complex mash up of art, science, and sometimes even luck. Best in breed photographers make excellent cinematographers and so the same is true in reverse.
If I were making a commercial or a movie what would I need to make sure my cinematography goals were best represented on the published product? After reading many books on the subject and doing some study of my own I can tell you that I am no closer to the answer then I was when I started searching for the answer. I truly depends on what type of feeling, atmosphere, environment, and presence I am trying to project. Just like the photographer, I have to be careful of lighting, speed, movement, and color.
As a cameraman for a commercial or other form of capture, I have to be concerned with a lot more than that. Things like moving objects in the background, time, and space all become a factor. It definitely is a whole additional layer of complexity.

How do I know I got the shot and how can I tell what it looks like? That is the question that separates the men from the boys in terms of quality and well…art. Not all cinematography is art. In fact a lot of it is not intended to be art at all. There are many situations where the goal is something less, much less. Until recently my visions of camera crew and cameramen were just people, men and women, who lived life behind the lens of a video camera and just filmed. Today I can tell you that my experiences have taught me that there is a lot more behind the shot than just getting a scene on tape.
In conclusion, it’s the art director who has the eye for the shot and what it takes to pull these amazing commercials, movies, and other forms of art off without us as the viewer being able to know what went into the scene. Its amazing work and I think we all would appreciate it more if we knew what it took to get some of the amazing videos that are out there today.