Reviewing The Bose Cube Speakers

The Bose cube speakers make a wonderful addition to this manufacturer’s long list of quality electronic products. This well established manufacturer has been renowned for making good quality electronics over the years. Their latest addition is a home cinema kit that is sleek and stylish. It is ideally matched to the modern decorative styles of many homes.
Home cinema systems are an important addition to many people’s homes. A lot of time and dedication can be spent searching for the perfect product that will help to compliment the overall decor of the home. In addition to style, people will want to find a product that has good quality audio that will support the cinematic sounds of any films they choose to watch.
The Bose cube speakers seem to be designed to tick most of the boxes for things that people are looking for in a system like this. The manufacturer has put a lot of trademark technology into this product, many of which will most likely not be found in other systems. The most noticeable thing about the system is how small it. This makes it easy to maneuver although the sound technology used means the sound travels very well.
Products that have been previously seen on the market from this manufacturer have always showed that size doesn’t matter. A seemingly tiny speaker from this manufacturer will usually put out a powerful sound that far exceeds its size. And there are no exceptions here. They come in a choice of black or white and the basic designs make them ideally suited to a wide number of decors.
bose qc25 vs qc35
The home theater system is made of two small speakers and a separate sub-woofer which is called the Acoustimass. Each speaker is actually made up of one stacked on top of the other so the user is essentially getting four. The dimension for a speaker is 6.25inches by 3inches by 4inches, and they each weigh 2.4 pounds. The Acoustimass is 19 inches by 7.5 inches and weighs 18.8 pounds.
The sound quality here does not fall short of what this manufacturer is renowned for. The tones have been suitable set up to support the dynamic sounds of a big Hollywood blockbuster film. It is noticeable for its low frequency tones and prominent distortion free base. Even at high levels the base will still remain flawless and distortion free.
The manufacturer uses something called Direct Reflective technology here and this is a good feature for the complete cinematic experience in the home. It enables sound to reverberate off the walls and travel around the room to make the user feel totally immersed in the sound.
These Bose cube speakers seem to set the benchmark for other systems to match in the home cinema system department. It could be argued that a large majority of people will not be able to afford this product because it is priced for the higher end of the market. However there are many users who will confirm that it is definitely worth the high price tag and you know what you are getting from the well established manufacturer.